Guest Speakers

Mr. Hans

Mr. Hans has visited as a guest speaker to Deshpande fellowship program. He is the CEO of the Tasty Bite Company.  This organization produces ready food by using natural package. Mr. Hans interacted with the cohort-3 fellows of Deshpande fellowship program. He explained about the Clear Vision, its objectives and its values. Focusing about the particular idea implementing the idea which will generate more revenue about this he spoke. According to him becoming the manager is very easy and becoming an n entrepreneur is very difficult. He also provided some tips to the fellows by using those tips which makes business can be scalable as well as sustainable.

Dr. Gururaj Deshpande

Dr. Gururaj Deshpande  visited  Deshpande F oundation  on the 25th of August, 2009 at 9.30 am. He delevered his words on Social entreprenuership to the Cohort-3 fellows of  Deshpande Foundation.He gave information to the fellows on  how to bring their innovative ideas into reality. He explained that investing  money and using  man power and resources while starting an organisation. He said that free market is more competitive than NGOs. He shared  social work experience and the challenges he faced in his life with the fellows. The cohort -3 fellows interacted with Desh. He responded  to many questions. The session ended at 10.30 am.

The Director of Deshpande Foundation Mr. Naveen Jha , Mr. Cameron and Mr. Chinnababu also attended this session.

Miss Ruth Stringer

Miss. Ruth Stringer she is an International Science and Policy Coordinator, in Toxics Link where she is working on Health Care without harm. She explained about how most of the toxic are man-made is polluted, how this will spread from mother to child and affects our youth. How it will affect our immune, hormone and reproductive systems. She spoke that 40% of atmospheric emissions from biomedical waste is burned in special container.

She explained about what biomedical waste is and what it contains and hazards of biomedical waste and how poor people are suffering from it. She told how it is going too big in coming year & how you can overcome those problems. She explained how this has been implemented in Hubli – Dharwad.

Dr. Sudhindra Tatti

Dr. Sudhindra Tatti is an entrepreneur. He is head of the “Pegasus” organization. He has done his B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He has worked in semiconductor industry around 18 years. He is expert in the areas of fault diagnostics and yield enhancement. He is more concentrating on solar energy which led to the adoption of LEDs and Thin-Film technology.

He introduced solar energy lights which is made up by using LED’s (Light emitting diode) with the use of high technology. As conventional solar energy is high expensive and it is not affordable for rural people. He wanted to make rural people to purchase solar energy lights so he made use of the LED’s as they are cost effective and also consumes less power with the yield of soothing white light effect.

Many rural people are using this now and they have shown the good response towards this product. For this reason Mr. Sudhindra want to extend their business in other states.

Mr. Jagadeesh Hiremath

Mr. Jagadeesh Hiremath is an entrepreneur who is very good in designing in automotive, aerospace, power generation, marine system, rail heavy engineering, machine tool, medical equipment, and tooling industries. He also told they are exposure to global automotive industry, including commercial Vehicle, Utility Vehicle, Leisure Vehicle and
Off-Road Vehicle Industry. He shared about his experience how entrepreneurs will face different types of problem even though he will enjoy those problems. Then he explained about marketing concepts like need, want and demand. He spoke about performance: any individual can perform very well when he is alone but when it’s come to group it will be very difficult to perform.

He also mention that he is very good in maintaining relationship with the collogues and co-workers. He also received many gifts when he visited to abroad. Very friendly nature and helping nature he is having.

Mr. Veerendra Hiremath

Mr. Veerendra Hiremath is a co-founder of “Vaatsalya”. He is having more than 8 years of experience in the Hospital administration. He is very much interested in  healthcare industry. He believe that in India healthcare facilities are very poor in semi urban areas. According to him 80% of the health facilities are available in urban areas. He explained about the Primary care, Secondary care, and Tertiary care.

As he set up a Vaatsalya organization, he explained about how they have raised the found through philanthropy and venture capital. He also gave the brief idea about how they hired the man power and what kind of struggle they put to set the “Vaatsalya”.

Initially they prepared the model of the Vaatsalya and then they took it as a challenge and started working as project. A good team members they were having so only it was possible to build such a good organization.

Vaatsalya had received many awards like Sankalp Award, 2009 in Social Enterprise, L-RAMP Award (Enterprise Category) and Bid Challenge India, 2007 for Social Impact.

Mr. Ayyappa Massagi

He is also one of the great entrepreneur. He is mainly working on rain water harvesting. He has a great passion toward social work. When visited to Deshpande fellowship program as a guest speaker to cohort-3 fellows, he shared about his experience about his professional as well as social life. Massagi is having 24 years of professional experience and he is working from past 25 years, on water related issues in rural areas.

He is mainly focusing on the water management issues like how to do water conservation and recharge techniques, rain water harvesting in rural and urban areas, he also deal with Bore well recharge techniques and Ground Water recharges technique.

His achievements are: He is a popular resource person for rain water harvesting and ground water. Launching water literacy movement in hundred of village in Karnataka. There are many articles and books had been published. The book name called “Nela-Jala-Jana” which tells about organic farming and water harvesting methods. His many articles are published in the Newspaper and journals.

He has received many awards they are, shrushti sammna- National award, Indian Leader for tomorrow, Seva Kousthuba, Samaja Rathna, Karnataka Rathna, Ramjadhav,
Sir M.V Vishweshwaraya, Loka nayak jayaprakash Narayana state award.


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