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Orientation of  the Cohort -3

The Cohort-III fellowship program officially started on the 3rd of September after the 45 day pre training period which consisted of intensive English and Technology courses. There was an orientation program for 3 days  on 3rd, 4th and 5th of September. On the first day of orientation the fellows learned about the Deshpande Foundation and its activities in detail. All of the DF staff took part in the orientation program wherein they gave a short introduction of their work. A presentation of DFP policy guidelines followed.

On the second day, the DF Fellows met the Sandbox Fellows, and both groups learned about each other’s work and culture. Later on that day, one of the founders of DF, Ms. Jaishree Deshpande interacted with the students, inspiring them to achieve their dreams by sharing her family’s experiences. This was a live example which reminded the fellows that success always comes after a long struggle and the prerequisites for success are hard work, determination and persistence. The fellows showed Ms. Deshpande their interests and goals using creative charts which were displayed. Ms. Deshpande left wishing  the fellows the best of luck with the remainder of the fellowship. On the third day, the fellows visited some of the NGOs working in and around Hubli.


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